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Generally, not up. There may be pockets of improvement, as all markets are local, but we aren’t on solid ground. We haven’t grown out of the recession yet, and there are questions as to whether the gigantic spending the administration is doing will sabotage or foster prosperity. Les Christie of CNN/Money rightly observes that rising rates, foreclosures and the eventual end of the tax credit will continue to suppress prices. I agree.

There are no arguments to the contrary. Money markets are still a shambles, the public is either unemployed or freaked out, and inventory is being pelted daily with cheap REOs. While New York is not as bad as Las Vegas or South Florida, we aren’t immune either- I see more short sales and distress now than 18 months ago. It has to cycle out before we’ll see sustainable, general improvement.

Buyers are in the driver’s seat.

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Every year, I literally sell dozens of homes that expired unsold with a previous broker. Perhaps no other broker/agent in Westchester or the Hudson Valley sells as many expired listings as our team. We didn’t “give the homes away.” Oftentimes, when a home does not sell there are other challenges than simply price.

  • The marketing could be sub par.
  • The online exposure could be low.
  • The photos could need improvement.
  • The agent’s follow up skills and “hustle” could be lacking.

It is a jungle out there. Your home is competing with the highest inventory of homes ever, bank-owned foreclosures, short sales, and distress situations where they need to sell. It is a beauty contest and a price war. Our team averages a sale a week by making sure our listings stand out from the crowd. Our marketing machine is nothing short of incredible, and the results are undeniable.

We do what other brokerages either cannot or will not do to sell more homes faster, for more money and with fewer headaches.

Did your last agent average a closing  per week?

If not, we should speak. Fill out the form below, or call 914-723-8900 anytime for fast answers.

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