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There have been some news stories lately on the insensistive and flat out bigoted names given to customers by restaurant servers on their receipts. One of them was documented at a Papa Johns, where the receipt said “lady chinky eyes” and the company did the right thing and publicly apologized on Facebook

Of course, when I clicked on the Papa Johns Facebook page, I saw that some guy thought that it would be funny to pile on to the original offense and add not one, but two more asian jokes in the comment section. Dustin Ehrlich, of Lincoln, Nebraska, apparently thought that the jokes, in the screenshots attached, would be hilarious enough to post for all the world to see. 


Now, perhaps this is just youthful intemperance. Or maybe someone posted under his name on an open laptop at his house just for kicks. Maybe. But if that happened, the joke is in the revelation, not the secret, and he never removed the remarks 11 months later. And take one look at his home page wall and you’ll see more racist and sexist timeline photos and group “likes.”  

Perhaps someday Dustin will google his name and find this page and learn a valuable lesson in social media. Perhaps a girl he asks out or perspective employer will do the same. That will be another lesson. My wife is 100% American. She was raised in Queens and is of Korean descent. She has borne the brunt of these jokes for years. So, as the father of children who are not 100% caucasion, and the husband in a marriage that might be considered illegal in some places a few generations ago, I find Mr Ehrlich’s jokes to be really not funny, and those that know me know that I love a good laugh. 

I want my children to grow up in a better world than one where someone like Dustin can get a cheap laugh at their expense. 

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