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It won’t go to print until this Sunday’s paper, but the article that Iblogged about expecting is now live online. Entitled “A For Sale Sign with Brains,” the piece discusses how real estate brokers are embracing technology to sell property. The story behind the article is actually not one of the reporter finding my blog, but rather, another broker at another company who is.

Barry Kramer, broker owner at Westchester Choice Realty and my friend, was contacted by the reporter and he suggested that she contact me because he considered me a tech savvy agent. She did. We had a good interview where I told her how I saw our technology toolbox evolve since my entry into the business in 1996, and the photos were taken two days later.

For the shoot, a filmed a walking tour of the home at 374 Quaker Road in Chappaqua, put it on Youtube, and then, on my mobile printer, created a brochure with a QR code that would connect a smart phone to that Youtube tour. This would enable the consumer to see the house and get questions answered without having to make a phone inquiry. I am in the process of doing more of these walking tours on other listings. They work, as the listing where we did this tour has already been given an offer.

The piece has three photos of me in the online version, plus a great one of the house, and we’ll see what makes the paper Sunday. I am of course very humbled that Barry would suggest me to the reporter, and while I still encourage Barry himself to blog because I think he’d be great, I am happy he reads my work.


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I remember finding a letter from 1945, written by my father from the South Pacific at the end of the 2nd World War. Japan had surrendered, and he was sharing with his parents that he and his fellow soldiers were not so much jubilant as they were exhausted. He wondered aloud about the future of mankind with such powerful weapons in the hands of mere men. It was a very unique look into a time in my Dad’s life I would never otherwise see. For the first time, I related to my father as a young man with an unknown future.


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10 Husky Hill, Poughkeepsie, Accepted Offer

44 Morehouse, Red Hook, Accepted Offer

62 Baldwin, Patterson, Under Contract

204 Tomahawk, Yorktown, Under Contract

15 Orchard, Putnam Valley, Under Contract

5 Bayden, Ossining- Pending Sale

177 Avondale, Yonkers, Pending Sale

97 Robertson Rd, White Plains, Pending Sale (2 offers)

2 Overlook, White Plains, Pending Sale






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Many who grew up in Ossining, NY like I did will remember an old, overgrown algae-covered man-made pond near the Chilmark Shopping Center known simply as The Reservoir. It was the Village’s water supply for much of the pre-World War II era, and then was replaced by water towers. When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s the Reservoir was used for skating (AT OWN RISK, as the sign said) and hanging out.

The water towers had their share of graffiti, and nobody really knew what good the Reservoir was. I learned to skip rocks there,and I spent many hours of my youth sitting quietly, watching the water, either alone or with some friends after buying baseball cards and candy at Chilmark Pharmacy. In the Spring and Autumn we’d ride our bikes around it. I had a 5-speed with high handle bars and a banana seat.

In the earlier part of this decade, the Village cleaned the place up,  added an asphalt ring around it for walking, installed some park benches and tables, and dedicated it as Reservoir Park. An aerator was installed for the algae, and the towers were repainted. Mayor Perillo was vilified by some for the improvement expense, but most, like myself, applauded the move. It is an extremely popular place to sit, walk the dog, stroll the kids, and spend quiet time. The SKATE AT OWN RISK sign is long gone, replaced by 3 LAPS = 1 MILE.

Ossining Reservoir Park

Ossining Reservoir Park

You can barely make out the water towers at the other end of the Reservoir. They use to be an awful sky blue accented with graffiti. Now they are a dark green-far better aesthetics. A few years ago the park was renamed after Richard Wishnie, a retired county legislator for his 40 years of distinguished public service.
Pump House

Pump House

That brick structure behind the sign is from 1869 and is an old pump house. I climbed inside a few times when I was around 12. There is nothing inside except an old wood floor and brick walls. It was a great hiding place and we  flipped baseball cards inside.

Pump House Dedication from 1869

Pump House Dedication from 1869

As the stone says, Ossining used to be known as Sing Sing, an Anglicization of Sint Sinck, the aboriginal natives of the area. To differentiate the village from Sing Sing Prison, the name evolved to Ossingsing and then Ossining. Ossining High’s mascot was the Indian for many years to honor the Sint Sinck, but political correctness ended the Indian mascot. The neighborhood across Pleasantville Road from the Reservoir is known informally as the Indian Village, as the streets are all Native American names, such as Mohawk, Pocantico and Iroquois. I grew up on Osage Drive West.

There is alot to like about Ossining-the diversity of the residents, the managable commute to New York City, and that magnificent Hudson View. Of course, since they finally turned around that derelict, overgrown hole in the ground, the Richard Wishnie Reservoir Park is another great thing about the place.

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I have started a blog on short sales, focusing past success stories from the files we have closed. The link will be added to the sidebar.


I have also created a website for my company devoted completely to our expertise in short sales and heping our clients avoid foreclosure. That link will also be added to the sidebar.


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My business takes me through 6 counties and I drive over 40,000 miles a year. All the talk of lowering the speed limit to 55 vexes me. Setting me back 10 minutes per hour driven is not a patriotic sacrifice, it is a costly homage to an already debunked nanny state idea that I always hoped would remain in the ash heap.

If you want to drive 55, by all means do so. Just keep to the right and allow me to pass. I have to get somewhere, and my most precious resource isn’t gas, it is time.

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41 years ago today I entered this world. About 6 months earlier, my three older brothers had asked for a dog. I’d call that under promising and over delivering.

I have to say, so far so good. I am married to a beautiful woman, we have 4 wonderful children, a great home, and we run a successful, growing business in spite of being in a tumultuous industry. I am blessed. In light of the passing of  Bobby Murcer and Tony Snow, both gone before their time, carpe diem.

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