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The Hamptons, like Manhattan, have no MLS. Let me rephrase that: They eschew the MLS in favor of pocket listings.  It keeps status quo for the big players in the market, supresses new firms from entering the market with a level field, and is anti consumer. But it serves the established brokers well.

This interview is indicative of the way a Hamptons broker will finesse and sidestep the MLS issue. I couldn’t resist and commented. I wasn’t kind, but I wasn’t abusive. It was tempting to be obnoxious.

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The Listingbook Program allows consumers to search for a home online for free on a platform that is far more in depth and comprehensive than Realtor.com or a broker’s typical website. Registration is free, your information is confidential, and the results are fantastic.

Listing Book

Listing Book

Some features of the program include:

  • Customizable search, including bookmarking and rejecting specific properties
  • Morning updates delivered via email daily as new listings become available, putting you on top of the market
  • Personal notes on properties and the ability to send messages to your agent on each home
  • Change criteria quickly and easily
  • Database is updated twice an hour, not once daily!
  • Price change alert on bookmarked properties
  • Much more

Nothing can replace a good agent, but having this kind of technology at your fingertips will make the process far more efficient. Fewer homes will be “missed out on,” more homes will fit your search, and you’ll be able to be far more specific in your criteria. Not only that, you can instant message and email your agent from the site in real time.

All your information is confidential and safe. You’ll never be spammed or solicited from 3rd parties for registering your search on the site. This is truly real estate 2.0.

Right now the database is for the Westchester-Putnam MLS system only, which includes Westchester and Putnam Counties, as well as the Bronx and Dutchess County.

If you want to search Long Island (Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties), click here.

If you want to search Connecticut, email me and I can get you the link.

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This is a little inside baseballfor consumers who are unfamiliar with the Multiple Listing Service software that agents use, but my fellow  Westchester – Putnam MLS members will appreciate the humor. We experienced something very similar recently.

Some back story: in the past year, the Powers that Be at my local board switched our MLS software from something I had no complaints with to a company called Rappatoni. The glitches were many, the improvements to functionality were few, and the transition was frustrating. It was like switching from a regular refrigerator to one with an ice maker, except that you had to stand on your head to get the ice.  

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