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This guy did…sort of. Oh, he kicked them out all right. They just weren’t buyers.

I ask when they were looking to buy and when they were planning on moving down to NC from “XX”.

Then I got the answer I was not looking for.  “Oh, we are just down here visiting cousin Joey.  We did not have anything else to do today, so we are going around just looking at homes around the area and none of us are moving down here.”  I ask, “So none of you are actually looking to purchase a home.”  Then the straw that broke the camels back.  One of them says, ” We were just bored, so we started calling around to see who would let us see homes.” 

I cracked and said..”Ok, Let’s all just Stop.  No one is looking to Purchase”  Got a resounding and echoing “No”.  I then lay in and say “It is time you all leave, You have just waisted an hour and 1/2 of my time, and two gallons of Gas at $4.20 a gallon, you had my sellers leave the home and me leave my family, so your family could be entertained at my expense…I do not think so.

He absolutely did the right thing.

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