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We are landlords. When a vacancy needs to be filled I take a rental application and verify, among other things, rent history and employment. We are fortunate to have an potential renter who works for Microsoft Corporation. This is good. Microsoft isn’t going to have any layoffs anytime soon. So all I need to do is call HR at Microsoft and verify employment, right?

Wrong. This is Microsoft, and verifying employment with them is as big a headache as trying to run Vista on a 386. Per my prospective tenant:

I also poked around some more on my HR Website and found an employee verification procedure through TheWorkNumber that will allow you to retrieve my employment information immediately via phone or internet.  There is a $17 fee for using the employee verification services from TheWorkNumber.  Please let me know which option you’d like to use.  The procedures for accessing my employment information from TheWorkNumber are listed below:



The Work Number® is an automated service that is easy to use and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please follow the instructions below to obtain an employment and income verification for JOE APPLICANT.

1) Access The Work Number at:
· www.theworknumber.com or
· Call 800-000-0000

You will need this information:
· The Microsoft Employer Code 12345
· The Employee’s Social Security Number 123-45-6789
· This one-time use Salary Key 00000

2) Go to the “Verifiers” area.

3) If you are a new user, complete the quick signup process. Existing users, simply enter your Username and Password to login.

4) Complete the short order form, making sure you select employment and income as the type of verification. You will get the verification instantly and can print it for your records.

Client Service: 800-000-000, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. (CST)

Actually, I’ll keep my 17 bucks. Only Microsoft would be this insane. Employment verified. Will Microsoft ever join the Human Race?




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