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Three terrible shoes dropped in 24 hours, and if you are 40 or older you’ll recognize the three obituaries personally, albeit for different reasons. 

  1.  Last night, the world found out that Mark “the Bird” Fydrich had died tragically at his farm in Massachusetts. Fydrich, the 1976 AL Rookie of the Year with the Detroit Tigers, won 19 games and made the country smile with his unusual on-field habits. He’d talk to the ball, shake infielder’s hands after a good play, and get on his knees and smooth out the dirt on the mound when he wasn’t getting opposing hitters out. I remember reading his autobiography as a kid in the St. Ann School library. Injuries cut short his career, but by all accounts he remained the same happy go lucky, down to earth civilian that he was in his all too brief major league career. He was only 54. 
  2. Harry Kalas, the long-time voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, died at age 73. Kalas was known for his unique, distinctive voice that made me consider him the John Facenda of baseball (he did decades of work for NFL films too). I thought he’d make a great replacement for Bob Sheperd as the PA announcer at Yankee Stadium. If you want to hear a great Harry Kalas call, go to YouTube and search for Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run call. It is an iconic moment, visually thanks to Schmidt and audibly thanks to Mr. Kalas. His last broadcast of last season was the Phillies winning the 2008 World Series. He was far too young. 
  3. Marilyn Chambers, iconic 70’s adult film star, was found dead at her home. Her popularity crested before I ever knew who she was, but I have three older brothers. Fraternal osmosis, I guess. She was also the original baby on the Ivory Snow box, which didn’t last very long after her adult film career began. She was only 56 and had been through many highs and lows, from addiction to marriage and motherhood. The Times story tells how she thought in the 70’s that her porn notoriety would help her cross over into legitimate cinema. Again, she was too young to die. 

Not a banner day in the life of any male baseball fan, expecially if you are in Detroit or Philladelphia. My symapthies go out to all three families.

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