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It won’t go to print until this Sunday’s paper, but the article that Iblogged about expecting is now live online. Entitled “A For Sale Sign with Brains,” the piece discusses how real estate brokers are embracing technology to sell property. The story behind the article is actually not one of the reporter finding my blog, but rather, another broker at another company who is.

Barry Kramer, broker owner at Westchester Choice Realty and my friend, was contacted by the reporter and he suggested that she contact me because he considered me a tech savvy agent. She did. We had a good interview where I told her how I saw our technology toolbox evolve since my entry into the business in 1996, and the photos were taken two days later.

For the shoot, a filmed a walking tour of the home at 374 Quaker Road in Chappaqua, put it on Youtube, and then, on my mobile printer, created a brochure with a QR code that would connect a smart phone to that Youtube tour. This would enable the consumer to see the house and get questions answered without having to make a phone inquiry. I am in the process of doing more of these walking tours on other listings. They work, as the listing where we did this tour has already been given an offer.

The piece has three photos of me in the online version, plus a great one of the house, and we’ll see what makes the paper Sunday. I am of course very humbled that Barry would suggest me to the reporter, and while I still encourage Barry himself to blog because I think he’d be great, I am happy he reads my work.


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This article in the Sunday Times sparked the typical debate between people who use agents, hate agents, and are agents. A few in particular prompted me to write a 2nd comment (my first can be read here).  Comments may close before it gets posted, so rather than lose it, here you go.

My experience with people who express such vitriol toward brokers is that their bad experiences were preceded by putting more effort into buying their MP-3 than choosing a broker. For them, I have little sympathy.

To Attorney @ #45: Brokers are paid what the market bears, period. Creating commerce (not rubber stamping it, mind you, but making it) and causing vast amounts of money to change hands is not easy or more people would do it. I don’t besmirch the importance of an attorney in a transaction, but lawyers typically can’t sell. Reminding us how high you are on the food chain doesn’t change that fact.

10% of brokers do 90% of the business. List with an agent with a verifiable track record and happy references and you’ll get value for your money. Better yet, to those who think we sip martinis while we do so little work for such a fat cut of the action, go get licensed. Work nights and weekends on straight commission and then tell me how little work we do for so much money.

All the comments are telling. Stories like these bring out the haters, and they have utterly no clue what a good agent can do in the sale of a home.

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