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Troy VanderStelt, a 33 year old married father of two was shot in the head at point blank range in his office this week by a former client.

Prosecutor Tony Tague said Johnson was upset that he could not sell a home that he had purchased through VanderStelt in 2005, so he went to Nexes Realty on Tuesday and shot VanderStelt in the head at point-blank range with a .22-caliber semiautomatic handgun that police recovered.

The perp, a monster named Robert Johnson, had been informed that his house was worth less than the price he had purchased  it for in 2005, at the height of the market. He must have felt that VanserStelt was negligent in his duties by not foretelling the future at the time he sold Johnson the house.

This is yet another example that we agents do not sit behind a desk and manipulate money to earn our living. Stockbrokers only deal with people who have money to invest. Insurance agents only deal with people who have an insurable interest. Everyone gets sick, but doctors have the insulation of the hospital, nurses, support staff and security. We have no such buffer. We deal with all types at the far end of the sanity curve, because everyone has to live somewhere. Virtually every day I am in the basement or den of a complete stranger. My wife is always reminding me keep a record of where and with whom I meet.

In the late 90’s I was asked by a client to meet at his house. While there, the guy flew into a rage that his home wasn’t sold, and accused me of not following up on inquiries. He was wrong of course, but that didn’t stop the guy from physically attacking me. I escaped unhurt but shaken up.

We earn every penny.

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From our MLS announcements:

(We) continue to receive reports about a certain property in Yonkers where the owner behaves indecently in clothing and manner when female Realtors visit the property. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROPERTY IS NOT LISTED IN MLS. The owner requests an agent to come out the property to do a listing presentation. Yonkers police won’t do anything about it unless the complainant is present. WPMLS recommends, therefore, if you encounter this circumstance, leave the premises, but stay in the area, call Yonkers police, and assist them when they arrive.

This nut calls agencies and asks for a specific female agent to come look at his house to possibly list it for sale. He answers the door in a towel or bathrobe. It has happened numerous times.


Fake Lottery Winner:
Posted June 20, 2008

It has been reported …that several Participants have been contacted by a bogus prospective purchaser who claims to have won the lottery. The individual has no private means of transportation so the agent has to pick her up, and she insists that she wants to close quickly. It has also been reported that this individual has written bad checks. 

We had a listing literally held hostage by a fairly unstable woman who represented herself as  a cash buyer with enormous assets. Her financial advisor who furnished us with her asset documentation turned out to be unreliable and borderline nuts as well. My seller clients had their son sit out his senior football season and lived out of boxes because of an “imminent” closing that never happened. Two brokers, two lawyers and my clients wasted enormous time and resources on these kooks. The disruption to the clients’ life is felt still.

About 10 years ago I had prospective buyers who supposedly inherited millions but turned out to be fakers after a great deal of time and effort, including a purchase contract. This is the reason we need to see pre approvals or proof of assets from buyers. If that insults them we should be undeterred.

And tragically:

Police in Saanich, B.C., are saying very little about the murder of a 24-year-old realtor, who may have been lured to her death inside an upscale home.

Investigators have not disclosed how Lindsay Buziak, a well-respected professional who specialized in the Victoria market, may have been killed.

On Saturday at 6 p.m., officers received a 911 call to check on someone in an unoccupied home, located in a new subdivision of the Gordon Head neighbourhood.

When they arrived at the house, they found Buziak’s body.

Google the term real estate agent killed or realtor assaulted and you’ll find that these incidents aren’t uncommon.

From 90 days ago:

A convicted sex offender was charged Thursday with killing a 71-year-old real estate agent whose body was found near a smoldering mattress in a home she had been showing him.

Anyone who thinks real estate licensees sit at broad mahogony desks and skim easy thousands off the top of transactions has no earthly idea the exposure to risk we incur. The waste of time, $4.50 a gallon gas and resources is bad enough, but even our physical security is not even guaranteed these days.

Few of us don’t earn every single penny.

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