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When I agree with the NY Times Editorial, it is noteworthy. But for the senate to go on vacation with no comprehensive policy on addressing the mortgage and foreclosure crisis is reprehensible.

By the time the Senate returns next Monday from its July 4 recess, some 55,000 more homes will have entered foreclosure. And that’s hardly the full picture of the growing calamity. More than three million homeowners are currently at risk of default and millions more are expected to join them in the coming year as home prices drop, the economy falters and delinquencies rise. Yet the Senate went ahead with its vacation last Friday without passing a foreclosure prevention measure.

Many of these people are the same hypocrites who decried Bush for not cutting his own vacation short when New Orleans was under water. Since the odds are that whatever they would do might not help anyway this may not be as tragic as the Times says. But for them to not even try, even for appearances sake to act like they give enough of a crap to work a little overtime, tells me what they are truly about.

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