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I closed 2 deals this week. Both were first time home buyers. One bought a home in Patterson, NY and the other closed on a short sale in Monroe, NY.

Eve and Ryan bought in Patterson and were one of the fastest FHA deals I have ever witnessed. They have great plans for this home, as it sits on a beautiful private piece of property. I will remain in touch with them for sure. They were very motivated buyers from the first day we met. They were all about finding the right place, and once we found the place, they took my coaching on negotiation and we ended up getting a $399,000 listing (which had just been reduced from $450,000) for $350,000.

Michael and Stephanie were referrals from an old high school classmate who is Michael’s older brother. They had been out looking for a while, and a prior agent had written an offer for them which didn’t work out. They didn’t have a good experience with this agent, and it did help that Mike’s brother vouched for me. We found a short sale which took almost 4 months to get closed, as short sales do take a long while, and it almost looked for a while that the deal might die. Luckily, when the approval came through they had their act together, and were able to close a day ahead of the lender’s deadline. The closing itself was not without drama, as the seller’s attorney was never on point and our lawyer had to do some fast work that morning to make everything come together. The closing lasted 3 1/2 hours. But close it did.

I have at least 2 more pending transactions which should close this month.

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