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Our local paper, the Westchester Journal News, ran a story yesterday on how housing sales in Westchester have plummeted. Nothing new or earth-shattering here, except for a curious plug of one of the subject’s homes currently on the market. I have had my own clients featured in the paper, but the photographers were always unwilling to take a photo with my sign in it. This is the opposite, and the accompanying video is literally a commercial for these peoples’ home.

My only other thought on the story is that the sooner sellers lower their expectations and price, the sooner the market will stabilize.

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Via the Westchester Real Estate Market blog: Manhattan is showing signs of slowing down, and the median prices in places like Chappaqua and Bedford are declining. This news contradicts the perception that wealthier communities are insulated from the problems in the economy. They are to a degree, but they are not in a vacuum.

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